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golf tips
Does anyone have tips golf ball contact with the plate?

I tend to hold the club too early to prevent the bullet head, can suggest a good trick to allow a clean strike, trapping the ball between the club head and the grass I understand weight transfer and hands to the ball, but the problem persists.

Play the ball slightly forward of your position report by mid-attitude …

Golf Tips – Hit The Driver 300+ Yards!!!

Mr. Heater MH4GC Golf Cart Heater

Mr. Heater MH4GC Golf Cart Heater


This patented 4,000 BTU liquid propane heater connects directly to a 1 lb. LP cylinder and is the perfect solution for heating in a golf cart. The unit features a wind resistant burner and pilot system for optimal heat output in windy conditions and when the golf cart is moving. It also features a unique safety tip over switch that minimizes nuisance shut-offs when driving on bumpy cart paths. The…

Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool with 6 Cutters, Vancle Golf Club Re-Grooving Cleaning Tool 6-Tip, Golf Accessories

Golf Club Groove Sharpener Tool with 6 Cutters, Vancle Golf Club Re-Grooving Cleaning Tool 6-Tip, Golf Accessories

Golfers. Concerned about Getting the Backspin and Ball Control that you Deserve? It’s all about Playing with Well-Grooved Irons! The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin. Frequent club use can not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge. The groove sharpener tool works by cutting away bent over metal in the grooves of your clubs and re-s…

VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush - Metal and Nylon Bristles with Groove Tip - Retractable - Improves Backspin and Ball Control - Enjoy Cleaner Woods, Wedges and Irons

VersaGolf Golf Club Cleaning Brush – Metal and Nylon Bristles with Groove Tip – Retractable – Improves Backspin and Ball Control – Enjoy Cleaner Woods, Wedges and Irons

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses For Man Women Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Unbreakable Frame TR034

Torege Polarized Sports Sunglasses For Man Women Cycling Running Fishing Golf TR90 Unbreakable Frame TR034

Torege Sports Sunglasses Keep your eyes protected from the sun year round with Torege sunglasses. DISCOVER THE TOREGE DIFFERENCE Provide The Best Quality Sunglasses With Low Price and Customer Service on Amazon • The super light PC frame: You can hardly feel them on your face! • Polarized lenses block 100% of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays • Great fashion frame design for cycling, ru…

Under Armour Men's Tips Daytona 1/4 Zip

Under Armour Men’s Tips Daytona 1/4 Zip

Double-knit insulation in the front is soft but packs incredible warmth. Water-resistant stretch panels on the shoulders keep off rain & give you a better range of motion. Moisture Transport System wicks sweat & dries fast. Elastic cuffs….

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Can You Hit A Perfect Golf Shot Everytime?

I do not believe there is any such thing as the perfect golf swing.  You only have to look at Tiger Woods, if we all tried to copy his swing a lot of us could end up with damaged backs!  Everybody has limits to their flexibility and should alter their own swing to suit their own capabilities.  Having said that the mechanics of the swing can be split into the various parts and you can practice these different elements to improve your swing.

The Setup
The setup is a very important part in enabling you to hit a perfect golf shot.  If you get the setup right you will consistently get back to the impact point with power and control. If you currently suspect your set up may be the cause of your bad shots, the good news is that this is certainly the easiest part of your swing to correct.  Your feet should be approximately shoulder width apart, this can vary slightly depending on the length of the club you are going to use.  But remember that a too wide stance will limit your ability to turn and too narrow will result in loss of balance.  Remember when you address the ball to keep your back straight.  It is vital that your spine is straight during your swing as this is your turning axle. Always bend from the hips when grounding your club behind the ball.

The Backswing
You need to keep your left arm straight(right handed players) throughout your backswing, but not rigid – you should never have any tension in your body as it can ruin your timing. Take the club back as far as you can comfortably turn , if you can only manage a half backswing that is really not a problem. Try not to rush, a slower tempo is usually far more effective.

The Downswing
It is very important with the downswing not to try and hit the ball as hard as you can .  It should be a smooth controlled movement.  A rushed downswing will ultimately result in very poor shots.  Also one common fault is to only use your arms and wrists to hit the ball, you should always use your whole body, it will give you a lot more power and accuracy .

It is very important that you swing through the ball on impact do not swing at it. If you watch you will see that good players always let their hands lead the clubhead through impact, where as your average golfers allow the clubhead to pass their front arm before impact.

Follow Through
Your swing does not end after you have struck the ball – it is crucial that you complete your swing .  It is a fact that over 80% of amateurs have very little follow through in their golf swing. It is such a neglected part of the golf swing, just a little attention to this will see great results.

So next time you are at the practice range take a look at these different areas of your swing and see if you can make improvements. It is good practice to have golf swing drills that you work through at the range, but you need to remember that when you take your swing onto the golf course it is not advisable to have mechanical swing thoughts or swing thoughts that relate to only one part of your swing.  Once you are on the course your main focus must be your target.  Get a picture in your mind of the shot you are going to hit and trust your swing.

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Improve Skill using Pure Point Golf Swing!

If this Golf Swing movement Guide can enable you to constantly strike the golf ball to fly considerably further and with greater accuracy than you ever considered probable, do you think this book is amazing?

The Pure Point  golf swing is a wonderful guide. This Golf Swing Guide will allow you to to persistently strike the golf ball very much further and with more significant accuracy than you actually believed probable. It’s created by a golf pro through the name of Bobby Eldridge. He invented a special complete golf swing and has invested the past 30 years perfecting it. One thing about the Golf Swing movement Guide is you can inform this guy knows golf. He can be a specialist and he does know the way to effectively convey his knowledge to the reader.

They say that desperation is frequently the mother of invention and this genuinely the case with Bobby. Being a golf pro, he saw how aggravating it was for his students to learn the common complete swing movement. As you happen to be nicely mindful the mechanics of the entire swing action are quite complex and also a lot can go wrong throughout it. He decided to create one of his very own. He produced a swing movement that will help people to strike the golf ball further and with more significant precision regularly. That’s what the Golf Swing movement Guide teaches.

Bobby does an excellent work of breaking down all the steps of his whole golf swing. He is right that this entire swing action when mastered would be a ton far more accurate and will enable you to hit the ball a lot harder than with the traditional whole swing you happen to be most likely utilizing now.

In his product sales letter he says that golfers who have acquired his whole swing have experienced a 95% success rate in enhancing their game. From reading the aid, this doesn’t appear too unrealistic. If his methods are adopted and practiced your game ought to drastically improve.

I highly recommend you to visit the top 3 golf swing aids right away.

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Why Meditation + Golf = A Better Score

Golf is a hugely popular sport at the moment, and to someone who hasn’t played it before then it can look deceptively easy, but anyone who has played knows that is not the case. Some of the recent surge in popularity has to be attributed to the popularity of the sport’s most famous player, Tiger Woods, but I think it is also popular because it is relaxing to watch and to play.

With other sports like football and baseball then if you want to have a game you need lots of people and there will be lots of running around, with golf then you can go by yourself or with some close friends and have a relaxing day out in the sun and enjoy yourself. Yet as with any sport then if you want to win then you need to put in the effort to master it, here are 2 unconventional ways to improve your golf score:


Golf does require a lot of mental discipline if you want to play it well. You need to tune out the talk of anybody you are with, and probably the taunts too as they try to put you off your shot! You also need to keep yourself relaxed because tense muscles will ruin your swing, and you need to focus on the ball to make sure you connect with it correctly, all while under pressure to take your shot and get it right in front of the people around you.

Now for some people then this is easy and they don’t even think about it, but for the rest of us then we are stressed out from work and we need a little help to calm ourselves in the moment and to help us focus. You can learn meditation easily from a book, but it will take you a few tries before you can quiet your mind down to any degree. Once you have learnt it though then you will probably find it really enjoyable, and you will be a lot calmer and more focused throughout your day. Then when you are playing golf you can use the same techniques to help you relax and focus as you line up a shot.

Work your core:

I said earlier that golf is not too strenuous, but it does take a toll on your core body muscles even if you are not running around all the time like in some sports.

We actually use our core muscles for almost everything, from sitting down, to walking, to swinging that golf club, yet most of us never really work on this area of our body. I am not just talking about doing thousands of situps either, I mean working the whole area, so your lower back, the muscles alongside your main ab muscle and all the rest so you have a strong core that can support your spine, protect your organs, and help you put more power into your swing. You can find exercises for your core muscles easily online and start to slowly train them over the next few weeks, you might be surprised by how much better your swing is after you do!

If you want to improve your golf game then you need the best golf irons for your playing style, find out more information at

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Have you Ever Regarded a Sporting activities Scholarship or grant to America?

Have you Ever Regarded a Sporting activities Scholarship or grant to America?

Have you Ever Regarded a Sporting activities Scholarship or grant to America?

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